Don’t get suckered into builder financing. Ryan Bazzell explains how to protect yourself from paying too much when buying a newly built home. Builders and Mortgage Lenders work together to get the most money out of the sell as they can. Don’t be fooled by Incentives or specials. Remember, nothing is free! Here are 2 ways to ensure you get the best rates on a new home loan. #1 – get pre-approved. #2 Bring in your own Realtor.


Ryan Bazzell will help you get pre-qualified today. The pre-qualification process is simple and stress free. Here is what one recent home buyer had to say:

“Working with Ryan was fantastic. The most stress free loan process I have ever done. PreApproval was quick, and Ryan did a great job of explaining the process. I highly recommend all of my friends to him. Thanks Ryan!!”  ~ Nick Johnson

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