Allow me to take a moment to explain why it is important to get prequalified for a home loan. Pre-qualification is really the first step to purchasing your new home. The quicker you get pre-qualified for a home loan the better. Pre-Qualification will make your home buying experience easier, safer, and puts you in a position of leverage.

So, before you even start thinking about houses or neighborhoods – take the first step to pre-qualification. Here are 3 reasons your first step should be pre-qualification:

  1. Don’t go in with one hand tied behind your back.
  2. There is Power in your Pre-Qualification letter.
  3. The Pre-Qualification process protects you.

1st Reason: One Hand Tied Behind Your Back 

Not being pre-qualified for a home loan is like walking through the from door with one hand tied behind your back. One of the first questions you’ll be asked is, “Have been pre-qualified or approved for a loan?” If your answer is, “Not yet,” it will send a signal to your agent or the seller that you are not serious or ready. The seller will wonder if you’ll be able to qualify for a high enough mortgage and they may feel like you are wasting their time.

2nd Reason: Leveraging Power

On the flip side – lets say you were asked, “Have you been pre-qualified?” And your answer is, Yes we have.” Now, doesn’t that feel great!? Can you imagine the strength you’ll have when you can shop from a position of confidence? Pre-qualification gives you confidence in an actual dollar amount. We will give you a Pre-Qualification Letter which declares that your bank is behind you and has already pre-approved you for a specific amount of mortgage dollars. With that number you can begin negotiating from a position of leverage. So, instead of going in with one hand tied behind your back, that hand is now carrying a briefcase full of $$.

3rd Reason: Protection

When you enter into the pre-qualification we will help you analyze your current financial position to determine the best monthly payment that will fit into your personal budget. We look at your income, debts, assets, down-payment options, required reserves, etc.. to help you get the most and best for your new home.


Ryan Bazzell will help you get pre-qualified today. The pre-qualification process is simple and stress free. Here is what one recent home buyer had to say:

“Working with Ryan was fantastic. The most stress free loan process I have ever done. PreApproval was quick, and Ryan did a great job of explaining the process. I highly recommend all of my friends to him. Thanks Ryan!!”  ~ Nick Johnson

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